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RFF-2017-18      Thomas Fenn, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona. "Chemical Characterization of Ancient Copper-Based Metals from Mongolia."   [Suhkbaatar, Mongolia]

RFF-2017-19      Anna Guengerich, Vanderbilt University.  "Cities in the Clouds: The Development of Urbanism in Montane Forests." [Tambillo, Peru]

RFF-2017-20      Kim Shelton, University of California, Berkeley.  "Tombs of Aidonia Preservation Heritage & Exploration Synergia."   [Corinthia, Greece]

RFF-2017-21      Emily Cole and Bethany Simpson, University of California, Los Angeles. "Qarah el-Hamra Fayum Project."  [Fayum, Egypt]

RFF-2017-22      Graeme Barker, University of Cambridge. "Neanderthal Death at Shanidar Cave."   [Iraqi Kurdistan]

RFF-2017-23      Michael Parker Pearson, University College, London "The Welsh Origins of Stonehenge." [Pembrokeshire, Wales, UK]

RFF-2017-24      Lynne Rouse, Washington University in St. Louis. "The Project for the Ancient Murghab, Southeastern Turkmenistan"   [Togolok, Murghab Delta, Turkmenistan]

RFF-2017-25      Antonietta Catanzariti, Freer-Sackler Galleries/Smithsonian Institution. "Late Chalcolithic Period 3-5 in the Highlands of the Qara Dagh Valley: the Investigation of Ban Qala"   [Iraqi Kurdistan]

RFF-2017-26      Kristina Killgrove, University of West Florida. "Death Comes to Oplontis: Recording and Analyzing Skeletons of Victims of Mt. Vesuvius (79 AD)."  [near Naples, Italy]

RFF-2017-27      Bradley J. Parker, University of Utah. "Toward an Archaeology of Empire: Mapping Inca and Wari Sites in the Nazca Headwaters Using Drone Technology, Ayacucho, Peru."   [Southern Ayacucho Province, Peru]

RFF-2017-28      Nathaniel Erb-Satullo, University of Oxford
.  "Forging Communities: the Metal Production Complex at Mtsvane Gora"   [Kvemo Kartli, Georgia]  

RFF-2017-29      Yitzchak Jaffe, New York University, Q. Wei and Y. Zhao,   "Ceramics and Cooking Practices: The technical as Portal to the Social in Bronze Age Shandong." [Linzi, Shandong, China]

RFF-2017-30      William Gardner, Yale University. "Rural Way of Life: Mobile/Sedentary Interaction in US Southwest Borderlands."   [Paradox, Colorado, USA]

RFF-2017-31      Joshua Robinson,  Institute of Human Origins, Arizona State University. "Contextualizing Middle Stone Age Human Behavorial and Cognitive Development."   [KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa]

RFF-2017-32      John Chapman,  Durham University. "Early Urbanism in prehistoric Europe?  The case of the Tryillia megasites of Ukraine."   [Kirovograd, Ukraine]

RFF-2017-33      Michaela Ecker,  University of Toronto.  "Excavating the fossil bearing strata at Pniel 6, lower Vaal River, South Africa."    [Northern Cape, South Africa]

RFF-2017-34      Maureen Carroll,  University of Sheffield. " Exploring the Impact of the Roman Conquest on Indigenous Peoples and Settlements at Vagnari."  [Apulia, Italy]          

RFF-2017-35      Mary Clarke, Boston University. "Production of Stone and State: The Intersection of Ancient Maya Domestic and Institutional Economies."    [Xultun, Peten, Guatemala]

RFF-2017-36      Anneke Janzen and Kristine Martirosyan-Olshansky, University of California, Los Angeles. "Herding and Mobility in Neolithic Armenia."   [Yerevan, SW Armenia]       

RFF-2017-37      Angela Huster, Arizona State University. "Toluca Valley Geochemical Variation Project." [Toluca, Mexico]

RFF-2017-38      Jessica Munson,  Lycoming College. "Investigating the quality of life in ancient Maya society: Archaeological investigations at Altar de Sacrificios, Guatemala."  [Peten, Guatemala]

RFF-2017-39      Lara Fabian and Susannah J. Fishman, University of Pennsylvania. "At the Crossroads of Empire: Lerik in Antiquity Archaeological Project."     [Lerik, Azerbaijan]   

RFF-2017-40     Amy Bogaard, Oxford University. "Unexplored Knossos: Bio- and geoarchaeological investigations at Knossos Gypsades, Crete."  [Gypsades, Crete, Greece]  

RFF-2017-41      Penelope Wilson, Durham University. "The Royal City of Sais Project."    [Kom Rebwa, Sa el Hagar, Egypt]        

RFF-2017-42      Phyllis S. Johnson, Vanderbilt University.  "Uncovering Commoner Agency and Power through Stone Tool Production at Tamarindito, Peten, Guatemala."  [Peten, Guatemala]       

RFF-2017-43      Marie Elizabeth Grávalos, University of Illinois, Chicago. "States of Consumption: Cultural Resilience and Politico-Economic Relations at Jecosh, Callejón de Huaylas, Perú."  [Jecosh, Ancash, Peru]

RFF-2017-44      Dennis L. Jenkins, University of Colorado. “Geoarchaeology of the Connley Caves (35LK50) - A Clovis Era Western Stemmed Tradition Site in the Fort Rock Basin of South-Central Oregon.” [Oregon, USA]

RFF-2017-45      Anna Leone, Durham University.  "The fortified Citadel of Dibsi Faraj (Syria) and the Middle Euphrates Frontier: The rediscovered Harper Archive."  [Dibsi Faraj, Syria]          

RFF-2017-46      Julia Clark and Stefani A. Crabtree, Pennsylvania State University. "The Northern Mongolia Archaeology Project."  [Soyo Bag, Mongolia]                     

RFF-2017-47      Kathlyn M. Cooney, University of California, Los Angeles. "The Organic Chemistry of Ancient Egyptian Coffins."  [Turin Museum, Italy]

RFF-2017-48      J. Marla Toyne, University of Central Florida. "Exploring Elite Diet and Migration among Pre-Columbian Chachapoya of the Eastern Andean Mountains of Peru."  [Chachapoyas, Peru]

RFF-2017-49      Heather M. Rockwell and Nathaniel Kitchel,  University of Wyoming.  “The Munsungun Lithic Quarry Archaeology Project.”   [Lake Munsungun, Maine, USA]

RFF-2017-50      Tim Spahr, Kennebunkport Conservation Trust. "The Stage Island Survey."  [Cape Porpoise, Maine, USA]       

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