Rust Family Foundation

History and Goals




The Rust Family Foundation was established in 1998, based on a legacy from Margaret Dole Rust (1918-1995) specifically intended for charitable purposes. Since then, the Foundation has made a number of donations yearly to various organizations, and has also substantially increased its financial assets. This has allowed the Foundation to plan a wider range of goals for upcoming grants.

Between 1998 and 2014, the primary focus of Foundation donations have been in the following areas:

1) World health and hunger relief, including both worldwide and local projects; 

2) Cancer research;

3) Veterans’ assistance;

4) Animal welfare;

5) Nature centers and wildlife preservation;

6) Schools and literacy programs;

7) Art and archaeology museums, libraries, and historic preservation.

At present, the Foundation plans to continue funding in each of these areas, but is also adding further emphasis on donations to projects of archaeology and related research and exploration.




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