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Projects Funded 2015-2016 

 [Listed by RFF grant #, with links to project summaries.]

RFF-2015-01     Ann Benbow, Archaeological Institute of America/American Schools of Oriental Research.  "Seeking Collaboration: A Summit for Projects Collecting Cultural Heritage Data in Syria and Iraq."  [Washington, DC]
RFF-2015-02     John Peter Oleson, University of Victoria.  "Preparation of the Final Publication of Excavations at the Roman Auxiliary Fort at al-Humayma."  [Jordan]

RFF-2016-03     Randall White, New York University. "Archaeological Testing of the Aurignacian Site of Sous le Roc."  [Dordogne Valley, France].

RFF-2016-04     Max Price and Richard H. Meadow, Harvard University. "Risqeh Archaeological Project."  [Jordan]
RFF-2016-05     Michelle Young, Yale University.  "Atalla Archaeological Investigation Project: Exploring the role of long-distance exchange networks in the emergence of complex society during the Early Horizon period at Atalla, Huancavelica."  [Peru].

RFF-2016-06     Sarah Klassen and Damian Evans, Arizona State University.  "Mapping and Groundtruthing at Angkor."  [Cambodia] 

RFF-2016-07    Mary Jane Acuña, University of Washington at St. Louis/ Maya Archaeology Initiative.  "El Tintal Archaeological Project."  [Peten, Guatemala]

RFF-2016-08     Maria Nieves-Colón and Anne C. Stone, Arizona State University.    "Reconstructing the Peopling of Pre-Contact Puerto Rico through Ancient DNA Analysis." [Puerto Rico]

RFF-2016-09     Gregory Zaro, University of Maine.   "Archaeological Investigation of an Ottoman Fortress at Nadin-Gradina."  [Croatia]

RFF-2016-10     Thomas Strasser, Providence College.   "The Asphendou Cave Petroglyphs: A Stylistic and Photogrammetric Analysis."  [Crete, Greece]

RFF-2016-11     Richard M. Leventhal and Joanne Baron, University of Pennsylvania.  "Maya Agricultural Exchange: La Florida and the Classic Maya Economy."   [Peten, Guatemala]. 

RFF-2016-12     Whittaker Schroder, University of Pennsylvania. "Integration or Evasion: The Response of Hinterland Populations to the Royal Collapse of Piedras Negras." [Chiapas, Mexico]

RFF-2016-13     Jargalan Burentogtokh, Yale University.   "Early Monumentality of Northern Mongolia."  [Teshig Valley, Mongolia]

RFF-2016-14     J. Marla Toyne, University of Central Florida.  "Exploring Mortuary Landscapes and Social Complexity among Pre-Columbian Chachapoya of the Eastern Andean Mountains of Peru."  [Chachapoyas, Peru] 

RFF-2016-15     Brian McCray, Vanderbilt University. "Contexts for Exchange: Amazonian and Andean Interregional Interaction in Amazonas Province, Peru."  [Peru]

RFF-2016-16     Gabriel Barkay and Zachi Dvira, Bar-Ilan University. "The Temple Mount Sifting Project."  [Jerusalem, Israel]

RFF-2016-17     Tate S. Paulette, Brown University, and Kathryn M. Grossman, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  "MIT-Brown Expedition to Cyprus, 2016: The Prastio Village Cemetery Project."  [Cyprus]

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